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My first weeks

hey hey!

now ive already been in australia for more than 2 weeks and i think that i already got used to my new way of life. the greatest difference is the weather. here it has been one of the hottest summers since about 100 years. however i caught a cold. when i was in school the first day, it was more than 45 degree, the air-conditioner didnt work and i nearly died!! now there are just 25 degrees and i think its pretty cold! the australians always comlpained about the hot temperature, but i prefer the hiit weather instead of the cold.

the school is pretty easy. the students arent really attentive during the lessons (they dont get oral marks) and the teachers arent very strict. last week i wrote my first exam in australian studies, it was rediculous! we had got a substitute teacher and he didnt say anything also the whole class worked together. he even helped us. the pupils dont really know much, i think i even know more about australia, although im not an aussie. in maths im in year 12 (usually im  in year 11) because ive already done all that stuff they do in year in 11( they talked about "satz des pytagoras". i chose as much sports subjects as possible, so now ive got sports lessons everyday and i take part in a specialist soccer programe. maybe if there are enough people for a team, then im goinig to play basketball soon. i already got to know a lot of nice students. however its not true, that the australians arent very interested in oversea students. but if i start talking to them, then they are quite friendly. every monday afternoon i go to a lenguage school, so that i dont forget spanish. but its evry confuisng to learn english and spanish and i someimes confuse the words. even the teacher cant keep to one language

up to now ive already been to the adelaide hills, to hahndorf (a famous german village), to adelaide and to barossa valley. last week i went with lara (she is also german and imagine she even lives very close to me-she lives in walldorf!it was a great surprise as we noticed hat.) to port adelaide to do a boat trip and watch dolphins. i first reckoned that everything was a fake, because till five minutes before the ending we hadnt seen just one dolphin...but then they finally appeared close to our boat.it was so great!! during the trip i went to the captain and was allowed to  drive the boat for a short while, it was really funny! after that i took his mikrophone and talked to the guests "hello, im from germany and im so happy to be here,......" and then, please dont laugh, i sang for verybody"alle meine entchen" : )

beside school and excursions i often went to the beach ( ia already met some surfers there perhaps lara and i can go with them to victor habour to learn surfing, because there are better waves), i often go jogging, and on saturday i went with lara to a club. unfortunately we paid 20 dollars and then there were alomst now people...

sarah, the chinese girl isnt so boring anymore, but she moves out soon, so ill be the only student at my homestay.my "parents" are still okay, but unfortunately they are quite boring. they watch dvds all the time... and i think, that they are afraid, that they soon wont have any food left, because i eat so muchbut after sports im always hungry and the fruits here taste delicious!!

the next time ill try to send some photos ( i can show you the uniform i have to wear)

see you!!

10.2.09 07:10


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miri (10.2.09 17:10)
wow!!! deli, i'm so glad to hear you're enjoying your time in australia! everthing you did sounds like it was a whole lot of fun!!
to the thing with the club.. exactly the same thing happened to frossi, nelli and me a week ago.. >.<' don't worry - it can only get better

well, thank you again for calling on sunday i was sooooooooo glad to hear you're still alive ;D

let them hot surfer boys teach you how to ride the waves and then teach me some time!! :D

have fun and kick some asstralian butt on the soccer field / basketball court!


(25.2.09 01:06)
hey miri!
i was also so glad to phone with you and to hear that you are fine and that everything is okay!
yeah, of cours i can teach you surfing one time! it is so awesome abd such ag great feeling to ride on the waves!
today ive my first basketbal match, im trying to score for you
this weekend im visiting a friend. she lives 4 hours away from me at a farm and we can go surfing there
ill write a new entry soon to tell everybody about my latest experiences
yours deli

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