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8.7.09 11:50
Hey Kleine--ganz herzliche Geburtstagswünsche von mir und von dem Dreamteam. Feier schön und lass es krachen. Bis bald. LG Horst

( -/- )
3.7.09 17:36
Hey Deli--dir scheint es ja geil zu gehen!!! Respekt!!! Ich war früher auch viel im Ausland unterwegs. Gruss vom Dreamteam. Alle kommen am 18.07.2009 nach Hamm und spielen ein Turnier in Herne, weil unser ausfällt in Hamm.

( -/- )
20.6.09 05:44
hey bibi!
facebook is a worldwide chat, you should sign in.
yeah, just a short time left.. so i try to enjoy every second of the remeining tine and im sure i will!
hope you have a good time too and congratulations for your graduation!!
kiss+hug deli

( -/- )
4.5.09 15:41
what is a facebook?

the thing with the boy who lost his liscence because of alcohol sounds very curious i can hear my parents saying "don't get in the car if the driver is drunken!" =)

have a nice time left!!!

( -/- )
27.4.09 12:47
hey Deli,

only some more than two months

enjoy your holidays!!!

luv ya

( -/- )
25.3.09 00:41
hey bianca!
yeah the time passes by quickly and i m really happy when i finally see you !!
till that day have a great time without me! ; ) because when im back we have to do a lot of things togehter!!
yours deli

( -/- )
25.3.09 00:39
hey karen! thank you!!
nice to hear from you!
yeah, but i have to do my abi next year...but at least i had one year of fun
i hope that the abi isnt to hard and that you still have time to relax+have fun!
good luck!!
yours deli

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