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soooo much fun

ive just 5 weeks left and i dont wanna go back.... ive got a really good time here and try too spent as much time as possibvle with my friends.

a few weeks ago there was a kind of house party at a friends house. we all got at least a bit tipsy and just laughed all the time, played guitar and drum on playstation,...

ive been to the cinema with some friends (angels and demons) i first thought it would be a phantasyfilm, but it wasnt and it was really good.

i went to the aquatics centre with some friends. we actually wanted to do some exercise, but in the end we just relaxed in the spa

ive been to a concert with some friends.

and i spent most of my time with my boyfriend and it is just sooo much fun!! one day we went to the beach, although it was freezing cold, we went skimmboarding there, jumped in the water, went sandboarding,.... my best going out was a few weeks ago. i was there with my boyfriend and another friend and all his mates and his sister+cousin where there. ive never danced so much. i just couldnt stop and  we all just went crazy!!! unfortunately i cant describe it in words how goo it was, i can just say AWESOME!!!!

i went surfing with my school (which was again soooo cold)

i cooked with a friend, because we both are vegetarian.


i ve just a really really good time

and i hope everybody in germany too!!!

6.6.09 03:36


outback part 2

on our way back to alice springs we also stoped at a camelfarm, where we could ride on camels. it was so much fun!! back in alice srings i stayed again in the same hostel (and was even in the same room like the first time) for the night we all went to a bar . the next day i had a bit time left till i had to catch the flight abck to adelaide so i walked a bit around the "city" of alice springs.

all in all the outback tour was a really good experience, however i was quite happy when i came back to civilization and could have a shower,... my group was reaklly good and it was lots of fun with them and im welcomed to come to canada, switzerland where some of them live. by the way i got used to the bush-toilet

6.6.09 03:25


last week, from saturday till thursday ive been to the outback. the tour started really erarly, i got picked up in the city at 6. the busdriver was apparently a bit confused, so it took about 1 hor to pick everybody up and we drove a few ways more than twice.. there was an austrian woman in my group and she was just complaining all the time... but the worst thing was that because she was talking in german, everybody thought that she was german and so i had to explain, that not everybody is like her... at night we arrived at cooper pedy. there we had pizza for dinner and after that we slept underground ( it wasnt really underground like everybody told me, so it was a bit disappointing). by the way cooper opedy is an opal mine. the next day we went to alice springs. there we went to a bar for the night and for the night i stayed at a hostel. the next day a new tour started. i had a really good group, and i liked most of them reallt much and it was fun spending time with them. we went to kings canyon that day and took heaps of photos there we slept somewhere in the bush and had a camping fire which was really good. the next day we went to kata tjuta and to an aboriginal culture centre (unfortunately we didnt have much time to spent there, cause im actually really interested in their culture) after that we went to ayers rock and watched the sun sat. the night we slept again outside in swags and slepingbags, but that night it was really really cold,, even that i wore 2 shirts, 2 jumpers and a jacket on wednesday we went to see to see the sun risae at ayers rock and the rest of the day we spent with driving back to alice springs.

sry, ill get logged off soon, so i better finish now, il write the rest of the story and other great things soon!!

27.5.09 09:28

awesome time 2

the last week i always met any friends and we went out together, had barbecue,...

i know a lot of great people here and they always ask me to go out, or invite me for dinner thats why i didnt really sleep all the last nights and now im just totally tired and forgot evrything i wanted to tell you.. sorry!!

yesterday i went to the movies with mick. we watched x-man. i didnt like it...have you already seen it??

i know some boys working at bars and thats pretty cool, because i never have to pay for the drinks

last week school started again, but it was a pretty relaxed week, because i didnt go to every lesson.

maybe i start playing footy at school soon

sorry, i actually really wanted to write more, but  at the moment i cant think about anything...

hope you all are fine!!

4.5.09 04:52

awesome time :)

on saturday i went with franzi, i know her from the ki tour, to the city to watch the anzac parade. again it was just raining the whole time and not even a hot chocolate could warm us up...when i came home i was totally wet and my shoes felt like i had the whole sea in it...however i thought that i could have a hot shower and a cup of tea as well as dry closes in a few miutes so i didnt really care about that...but when i wanted to open the door i noticed that i didint have the key...fuck...my hostparents werent at home and when i texted my hostmum she just answered that they wont be back before a couple of hours...so what should i do?? i tried to call one of my friends living close to me but then my mobile phone went out of battery....so i tried to finde her house( i didnt know exactly were it was) and fortunately her mum saw me passing the house and asked me what is going on. then she welcomed me to come in and they gave me dry clothes, finally!! i spent there a few hours (during that time  isigned up in facebook, so tell me when yu are in facebook too) but was still freezing. when i went home my hostparents told me that they already came back 30 minutes after i had texted them and that they had sent me a message to tell me that...but my stupid mobilephone was turned off...after that i just felt getting sick and didnt want to go out that night anymore...

another weekend i was alone at a bar and met some nice people there. one of them lives just 5 houses away from me and we didnt know each other before (he is also vebetarian, the first vegetarian boy i know). they offered me a few drinks and aftr the bar closed we went to a house of one of them. we went there in 2 cars and one of the cars got stopped by the police and marc (the driver) had to do an alcohol test. he was already drunken, so they took his liscense and he had to pay 500 dollars... surprisnigly he was still happy after that and just came with a friend to the house were we already stayed a bit later.

ill write more soon, but the library closes now...

2.5.09 04:14

kangaroo island

for the second week of my holidays i booked a 3 day adventure tour to kangaroo island. one day before i actually would had left thhey called me and told me that the tour was cancelled, because there werent enough people who wanted to take part in... so i decided to do a 2 day to from wednesday till thursday. on we i had to wake up at 4.45 to catch the bus. after a few hour bus ride and a ferry trip we finally arrived at ki at about 12. i didnt know the people taking part in that tour before, but they all were really friendly and we had a good time together. on the ferry i even met a girl which i hadnt see for a few weeks and she told me that she moved to a suburb, really close to the one im lin=vuing in, and so we promised echt other to catch uop soon. on the first day (it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining the whole time) we went sandboarding (thats so much fun!), watched the seals, went swimming at a beautiful bay and looked for penguins at night. for the night we stayed at a lodge which was reaaly nice. we cooked our own pasta (de3licious!!) and sat around the campfire. the next day was the complete opposite of the day before. it wasd just raining the whole time and nobiody really wanted to go out and do anything. however we went to the caves, to adnmirals arch, to the remarkable rocks and watched a pelikan show (which was soo boringh, because the woman just gave them something to eat..). we all got totally wet and i was just frezing the whole time. my rainjacket was unfortunately not waterproof and so i ended up wearing a plastic bag. that was reaaly funny. when we wanted to go back to the ferry they told us that we cant, because the sea was to rough and it would have been to dangerous, so we were stranded at kangaroo island for another night. to make the best of that situation we went to a restaurant and ate pizza (all the others had to share 2 big pizzas and i had my own vegeteriuan one   )and stayed in a hostel. the next day the weather was fortunately a bit better and we coeuld go back. all in all it was a great time, although the rain (they told me it would never rain here...jaja...) was a bit annoying.

hope that i can write a bit more as soon as possible, because there are still heaps of things i want to tell you!

28.4.09 09:17


finally ive got holidays too!!

my holidays strted on friday. that day i went with my hostparents to murray river to visit peters parents. his sister and his brother with his familly have also been there and i had a good time with them! they were really funny and friendly and i really like them. peters mum is amazing. shes over 80 years old and is still quite fit. we went for a walk along the river (the biggest in australia) and after thet we rode on samll motorbikes. it was really funny. my first try ended in the bushes

the other days i always met any friends or went out for excursiions. one day i went to the hills with leah. there we were hiking and ran downn the mountains and then had a picnic at a waterfall.

i hope you all had good easter! i dindt really feel that it was easter, because myu hostfamily dindt really celebrate it and so it was just a day like all the othersd and i went with some freinds to the beach. however i got at least i chocolate bunny, which i ate in one night...

hope you all enjoy your holidays!!

17.4.09 04:55

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