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beach, sun and fun

the last days we had really great weather here so i went to the beach every day.

you can hardly imagine how beautiful it is: blue sky without any clouds, turquoise water without waves, and a white sandy beach!! there are almost now people at the beach and it is just fantastically! (although i would sometimes prefer to meet more people at the beach.) on monday we skipped our last lesson and instad of studying we just relaxed at the beach. jealous??

on friday i stayed with another girl at laras place and we went to the cinema. we watched changeling. have you heard about it? its with angel(in german it is "untergeschobenes kind" it was a tregedy and after it we were a bit depressed... the next time we will watch a comedy.

on saturday we went to the beach and at night we went out. on sunday i had  my first soccer match. the team is really friendly. unfortunately we lost...

after i didnt like school for a while because it has been so boring, it is getting better now, because the teachers are quite friendly and ive got a lot of new "friends". last week  i had got a kite workshop, the organizers were really bad, but we still had lots of fun.

on monday night a friend of mine stayed at night at my place. fortunately my hostfamily didnt notice it.

i hope that your abi exams havent been too difficult!! i heard that the "kultusministerium" has done some faults, how embarassing!! LOL

i think you've got easter holidays next week, dont you? i hope you have a great time then! ive got one and a half week school and then ive got holidays as well. at the moment i havent planed anything, but i would like to do some excursions.

bye bye


1.4.09 06:38



2 weekends ago i flew with lara to sydney. we booked the flight quite spontaineusly and stayed there from thursday till sunday.

the flight to sydney took us about 1 1/2 hours. when we arrived we first tried to find our hostel. unfortunately we had no city map or anything like that but having asked a lot of people we finally found our hotel ( actually it was just around 2 corners from the trainstation were we arrived, but who could have known that??). the hostel we had booked was quite dirty and the promised breakfast were just kellogs or toasts without anything...great. however we werent there to spent our time in the hostel so it didnt matter. of cours we wanted to see the opera hous and the harbour bridge as soon as possible so we caught a bus to go there. unfortunately the bus drivers couldnbt reaaly say us wich bus we had to catch so we just drove around (but we ended at a shopping mall). after all we finally arrived at the opera house and it was just amazing!! i had never thought that i would really stand one time infront of it!! the opera house, one of the symbols of australia which i just had seen at a lot of pictures). of course we took thousands of pictures and just felt like japanese in the evening we wanted to eat in a restaurant, however they were all sooo expensive so we ended at mc donalds. here in australia is really a mc donalds everywhere!! we took our food and ate it again in front of the opera house= harbour bridge - it was such a great atmosphere!! after that we strated a photoshooting. the people whoi wathced us must have really thought that  we ve turned crazy!! at night we were very tired, but i wanted to walk around and see whats going on. our hostel was at kings cross at we noticed that we stayed at the red light area but we lived really close to the city center so nevertheless we were satisfied with our hostel. while we were walking along the streets a girl came to us and said that we can go in al club for free. of course we didnt want to miss that possiblity and went there ( although just wearing jumpers and shorts). the club was all right but the music wasnt that good so we didnt stay there so long.

on friday we ve done a cuty tour and a bondai beach tour. at night we  wanted to go out and this time we met a boy he told us that we can get free entrance and champagne in a club, so we went there. unfortunately there werent many people so we just drank our champagne (which tasted disgusting) and then left the club. we went to the famous oxford street to see whats going on there. it wasnt that great like we expected it to be, but finally we found a bar/club were we went in - again for free there were agian not to many people but this time we stayed a bit longer, danced and found some boys who offered us a drink. having spent a while there we went back to the club were we ve been the first time in hope that there were finally more people. unfortunately we were still nearly on our own, but that didnt matte. we went on the dance floor and danced with about 3 other poeple

on saturday morning we went to the famous bondai beach to go surfing there. the waves there were really high, actually to high for beginners. at that beach we could finally see the real "surfer boys" that usually come in our mind while thinking about australia. we had just booked the hostel for 2 nights, because the plane on sunday left really early in he morning so we thought that we could just stay at a restaurant/bar and then gining to the airport so that we didnt have to pay for one more night. our evening began at 9 o clock. we first went to an italian restaurant and spent about 2 hours there. after that we went to the oxford street, looking for a mc cafe. unfortunately we couldnt find one so we caught a bus to the city centre. there we stayed at a mc donald till about 1.30. actually we wanted to take a taxi to the airport and spent the rest of the time there, but they told us that the airport is closed becuase planes are not allowed to fly during the night. so we wanted to take a bus back to kings cross to go to a  bus there, but we missed the last bus and so we de3cideed to walk there. at about three  o clock we arrived at another mc donalds at kings cross, but didnt stay there because it was to overcrowded. then we went to a cafe (without drinking anything) but it closed ten minutes later, so we went to a fast food shop just to sit down, but also that closed a few minutes later so we had to change again our places and find a new place were we coulkd sit down. our last hour we spent at a bar, totally tired and powerless. at 4.45 we went to our hostel to catch the shuttle bus which the girl from the reception had promised us to call. however the shuttle didnt come and because we didnt want to spent more time with drunken people walking down the roads, we called a taxi to bring us to the airport.

i didnt really notice the flight, because i just slept the whole time. all in all we had a great time that weekend. sydney is really bis and nice, but i couldnt imagine to live there...


the last weekend we went to the beach, listened to music, danced and sang, it was really funny.

the school here is getting really boring at the moment.

today i ve got my last basketball match.

although i found new freinds here with whom i spent my time, i notice how important everybody in germany is to me, its just more fun to do anything with you, guys!

25.3.09 00:36

2 great weekends


up to now 2 weeks have alreay past since my last entry and i really have to tell you about my last two weekends, because they were soooo great!!

on the first weekend i went with lara to vitor habour, becuse i had booked a surfer lesson there. (unfortunately the waves arent high enough at my beach..) we wanted to sleep in a tent in the night from saturday to sunday, however we didnt know where a campingsite was and didnt really plan our weekend. so we wanted to arrange everything when we arrive - just spontaneous. in the bus i noticed that i forgot my money and my id-card, really good conditions for a trip... when we arrived at middleton, a village near victor habour, theb  first thing we saw was a campingstie. so we went there to ask if they can offer us a place to sleep. there was really enough space for our small tent, but the woman told us that we cant stay there... i tried to persuade her to allow us to stay, because we didnt know where we could go instead. however the unfriendly person just told us to leave or she wanted to call the police. dissapointed we finally left the campingsite and had no idea where we could go. becuase my surfing lessons started soon we had no time to look for a place to sleep. it was a cold and windy day and i was really tired, so i couldnt imagine to go surfing. after a short warming up and a few tipps how to surf i went with my board into the sea to catch my first waves. it was really incredible, i could already stood up on the thrid wave my teacher called me  a nature unfortunately the lessons last just for 2 hours and the time passed by very quicky and i didnt want to get out of the water... surfing is just a unbelivable great feeling!! it was awesome!and now i wnat to go surfing as often as posssible. after the lessons we talked to my teacher and told him that we are looking for a campingsite, he told us that he knew wher one is and so he and his friend drove us there. befor we went to bed we went to a mexican restaurant. it was sooo delicious. the night in the tent was really cold and unconfortable i wore 6 shirts and jumpers and i was still freezing. unfortunately we had just the half of our tent, beause we didnt ave any "heringe" and so we couldnt fix the "ueberzelt"... the next day we went about 6 kilometers to victour habour ( we first thought that it woul just be 3 kilometers away..) and there we went to the beach and just relaxed a bit. when i came home i was as tired as ive never been before.

2nd weekend: on thursday we went by bus to marion bay to stay at a friends house. the trip took about 4 hours... when we arrived it was already night. we stayed outside and watched the stras. there where so many stras- you cant imagune!! i even saw thw southern cross and the milky way. the next days we went surfing, sandboarding, jettskying, and drove on a small boot to a tiny island and saw seals. it was sooo cool!! on saturday night we slpt in a tent at the beach and had a campfire with other friends. it was really nice!! we danced, sang , drank, went swimming in the night and just had a lot of fun!! actually we wanted to go back to adelaide on sunday in the afternoon, however we missed the bus and had to catch the next one on monday at 6 o clock in the morning, because heres just one bus each day. jades house/farm is really "in the middle of nowhere". the next neighbours live about 6 kilometers away, you can just see bushes everywhere and on the roads you see nearly no other cars. jade has got a kangaroo as a pet, it is so cute!!

a few other experiences:

a few times i got nearly killed, because i always forget that the cars drive on the other side of he road...

the school is still good. i like my teachers, i meet everywhere somebody i know, the subjects, especially sports are really good and i always get good marks

a few weeks ago i even bought me a dress- imagine, me!!

at the moment ive got a strain in my leg and i have to take a rest for about one week, because ive always done sports and so it got worse and worse

im in a hockey team now and ill soon have my first soccer training, in school im in a basketball team

4.3.09 00:30

short addition

my hostfamily has finally access to the internet. however it doesnt work well...its quote slow, i cant use my email account and stuff like that...so i still have tio go to a libray in order to send you messages and make new entrys. so please dont worry if you dont get an answer the next day.

im going to visit a few sorts clubs now, so that i can get to knwo more people beside school.

i hope you all are feeling well, i miss you


10.2.09 07:22

My first weeks

hey hey!

now ive already been in australia for more than 2 weeks and i think that i already got used to my new way of life. the greatest difference is the weather. here it has been one of the hottest summers since about 100 years. however i caught a cold. when i was in school the first day, it was more than 45 degree, the air-conditioner didnt work and i nearly died!! now there are just 25 degrees and i think its pretty cold! the australians always comlpained about the hot temperature, but i prefer the hiit weather instead of the cold.

the school is pretty easy. the students arent really attentive during the lessons (they dont get oral marks) and the teachers arent very strict. last week i wrote my first exam in australian studies, it was rediculous! we had got a substitute teacher and he didnt say anything also the whole class worked together. he even helped us. the pupils dont really know much, i think i even know more about australia, although im not an aussie. in maths im in year 12 (usually im  in year 11) because ive already done all that stuff they do in year in 11( they talked about "satz des pytagoras". i chose as much sports subjects as possible, so now ive got sports lessons everyday and i take part in a specialist soccer programe. maybe if there are enough people for a team, then im goinig to play basketball soon. i already got to know a lot of nice students. however its not true, that the australians arent very interested in oversea students. but if i start talking to them, then they are quite friendly. every monday afternoon i go to a lenguage school, so that i dont forget spanish. but its evry confuisng to learn english and spanish and i someimes confuse the words. even the teacher cant keep to one language

up to now ive already been to the adelaide hills, to hahndorf (a famous german village), to adelaide and to barossa valley. last week i went with lara (she is also german and imagine she even lives very close to me-she lives in walldorf!it was a great surprise as we noticed hat.) to port adelaide to do a boat trip and watch dolphins. i first reckoned that everything was a fake, because till five minutes before the ending we hadnt seen just one dolphin...but then they finally appeared close to our boat.it was so great!! during the trip i went to the captain and was allowed to  drive the boat for a short while, it was really funny! after that i took his mikrophone and talked to the guests "hello, im from germany and im so happy to be here,......" and then, please dont laugh, i sang for verybody"alle meine entchen" : )

beside school and excursions i often went to the beach ( ia already met some surfers there perhaps lara and i can go with them to victor habour to learn surfing, because there are better waves), i often go jogging, and on saturday i went with lara to a club. unfortunately we paid 20 dollars and then there were alomst now people...

sarah, the chinese girl isnt so boring anymore, but she moves out soon, so ill be the only student at my homestay.my "parents" are still okay, but unfortunately they are quite boring. they watch dvds all the time... and i think, that they are afraid, that they soon wont have any food left, because i eat so muchbut after sports im always hungry and the fruits here taste delicious!!

the next time ill try to send some photos ( i can show you the uniform i have to wear)

see you!!

10.2.09 07:10

finally arrived

after a long and hard flight to australia, i finally arrived. usually i like flying, but sitting in a plane for nearly one day and not having much space  is really hard!! however i was happy, because of being sure that i've got the greatest friends one can imagine!!>>thanks to all my friends and my parents who brought me to the airport!i won\t forget you!<<

here i live in a great house near the beach. my family is friednly and funny.

i've already been to adelaide and of course i went to the beach.  

25.1.09 06:46

Noch eine Woche

Jetzt ist es nur noch eine Woche bis zu meinem bislang größten "Abenteuer". Immer wieder werde ich gefragt, ob ich denn schon aufgeregt bin. Auch wenn meine Antwort vielen ein wenig komisch erscheinen mag, NEIN, im Moment bin ich noch überhaupt nicht aufgeregt. Ich freue mich einfach darauf, dass es nun bald endlich losgeht. Bis dahin möchte ich noch so viel Zeit wie möglich mit meinen Eltern und meinen Freunden verbringen, denn besonders jetzt merke ich, wie wichtig sie mir sind. Natürlich werde ich sie vermissen, wenn ich sie ein halbes Jahr lang nicht sehen werde, aber ich freue mich auch darauf, neue Leute in Australien kennen zu lernen und denke nicht, dass ich Heimweh bekommen werde. Heimweh - die größte Angst vieler, die für eine längere Zeit von ihrer Heimat getrennt sind. Aber ich bin einfach nicht der Typ dazu. ich bin für alles offen, sammele gerne neue Erfahrungen, bin gerne selbstständig und unabhängig und freue mich selbst die Welt "entdecken" zu können. Und die Personen, die mir wichtig sind, trage ich schließlich immer bei mir - in meinem Herzen.
13.1.09 21:45

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