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2 great weekends


up to now 2 weeks have alreay past since my last entry and i really have to tell you about my last two weekends, because they were soooo great!!

on the first weekend i went with lara to vitor habour, becuse i had booked a surfer lesson there. (unfortunately the waves arent high enough at my beach..) we wanted to sleep in a tent in the night from saturday to sunday, however we didnt know where a campingsite was and didnt really plan our weekend. so we wanted to arrange everything when we arrive - just spontaneous. in the bus i noticed that i forgot my money and my id-card, really good conditions for a trip... when we arrived at middleton, a village near victor habour, theb  first thing we saw was a campingstie. so we went there to ask if they can offer us a place to sleep. there was really enough space for our small tent, but the woman told us that we cant stay there... i tried to persuade her to allow us to stay, because we didnt know where we could go instead. however the unfriendly person just told us to leave or she wanted to call the police. dissapointed we finally left the campingsite and had no idea where we could go. becuase my surfing lessons started soon we had no time to look for a place to sleep. it was a cold and windy day and i was really tired, so i couldnt imagine to go surfing. after a short warming up and a few tipps how to surf i went with my board into the sea to catch my first waves. it was really incredible, i could already stood up on the thrid wave my teacher called me  a nature unfortunately the lessons last just for 2 hours and the time passed by very quicky and i didnt want to get out of the water... surfing is just a unbelivable great feeling!! it was awesome!and now i wnat to go surfing as often as posssible. after the lessons we talked to my teacher and told him that we are looking for a campingsite, he told us that he knew wher one is and so he and his friend drove us there. befor we went to bed we went to a mexican restaurant. it was sooo delicious. the night in the tent was really cold and unconfortable i wore 6 shirts and jumpers and i was still freezing. unfortunately we had just the half of our tent, beause we didnt ave any "heringe" and so we couldnt fix the "ueberzelt"... the next day we went about 6 kilometers to victour habour ( we first thought that it woul just be 3 kilometers away..) and there we went to the beach and just relaxed a bit. when i came home i was as tired as ive never been before.

2nd weekend: on thursday we went by bus to marion bay to stay at a friends house. the trip took about 4 hours... when we arrived it was already night. we stayed outside and watched the stras. there where so many stras- you cant imagune!! i even saw thw southern cross and the milky way. the next days we went surfing, sandboarding, jettskying, and drove on a small boot to a tiny island and saw seals. it was sooo cool!! on saturday night we slpt in a tent at the beach and had a campfire with other friends. it was really nice!! we danced, sang , drank, went swimming in the night and just had a lot of fun!! actually we wanted to go back to adelaide on sunday in the afternoon, however we missed the bus and had to catch the next one on monday at 6 o clock in the morning, because heres just one bus each day. jades house/farm is really "in the middle of nowhere". the next neighbours live about 6 kilometers away, you can just see bushes everywhere and on the roads you see nearly no other cars. jade has got a kangaroo as a pet, it is so cute!!

a few other experiences:

a few times i got nearly killed, because i always forget that the cars drive on the other side of he road...

the school is still good. i like my teachers, i meet everywhere somebody i know, the subjects, especially sports are really good and i always get good marks

a few weeks ago i even bought me a dress- imagine, me!!

at the moment ive got a strain in my leg and i have to take a rest for about one week, because ive always done sports and so it got worse and worse

im in a hockey team now and ill soon have my first soccer training, in school im in a basketball team

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