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beach, sun and fun

the last days we had really great weather here so i went to the beach every day.

you can hardly imagine how beautiful it is: blue sky without any clouds, turquoise water without waves, and a white sandy beach!! there are almost now people at the beach and it is just fantastically! (although i would sometimes prefer to meet more people at the beach.) on monday we skipped our last lesson and instad of studying we just relaxed at the beach. jealous??

on friday i stayed with another girl at laras place and we went to the cinema. we watched changeling. have you heard about it? its with angel(in german it is "untergeschobenes kind" it was a tregedy and after it we were a bit depressed... the next time we will watch a comedy.

on saturday we went to the beach and at night we went out. on sunday i had  my first soccer match. the team is really friendly. unfortunately we lost...

after i didnt like school for a while because it has been so boring, it is getting better now, because the teachers are quite friendly and ive got a lot of new "friends". last week  i had got a kite workshop, the organizers were really bad, but we still had lots of fun.

on monday night a friend of mine stayed at night at my place. fortunately my hostfamily didnt notice it.

i hope that your abi exams havent been too difficult!! i heard that the "kultusministerium" has done some faults, how embarassing!! LOL

i think you've got easter holidays next week, dont you? i hope you have a great time then! ive got one and a half week school and then ive got holidays as well. at the moment i havent planed anything, but i would like to do some excursions.

bye bye


1.4.09 06:38


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