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finally ive got holidays too!!

my holidays strted on friday. that day i went with my hostparents to murray river to visit peters parents. his sister and his brother with his familly have also been there and i had a good time with them! they were really funny and friendly and i really like them. peters mum is amazing. shes over 80 years old and is still quite fit. we went for a walk along the river (the biggest in australia) and after thet we rode on samll motorbikes. it was really funny. my first try ended in the bushes

the other days i always met any friends or went out for excursiions. one day i went to the hills with leah. there we were hiking and ran downn the mountains and then had a picnic at a waterfall.

i hope you all had good easter! i dindt really feel that it was easter, because myu hostfamily dindt really celebrate it and so it was just a day like all the othersd and i went with some freinds to the beach. however i got at least i chocolate bunny, which i ate in one night...

hope you all enjoy your holidays!!

17.4.09 04:55


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miri (17.4.09 11:19)
happy late easter, deli!

and please keep your fingers crossed - we're playing against gundernhausen tomorrow night!! O.O

love you bunches!!


(26.4.09 07:13)
thank you, miri!
how was the match?? did you win?
hope you had good holidays!!
love and miss you too

miri (28.4.09 17:38)
yeah, we won 4:1!! *doing the victory dance* :D
and last weekend we won against geinsheim 5:0 :D
upcomming weekend we'll be playing against bensheim (i am sooooooo freakin' scared!!!!) and the week afterward against mörlenbach... =O

well, you new entry sounds like you had a funny experience :D well, actually EVERYTHING you do sounds like fun!! :D

see you soon!!!

love you bunches!! <3


(4.5.09 04:59)
hey miri!!
congratulations!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would love to see the victory dance!!
wish you good luck for the next matches!! but im sure that you will rock it!!
yeah, at the moment ive really an awesome time here, but im pretty sure that you ve got a good time in germany too. its always fun doing anything with you!
have fun!!
thousands of kisses+hugs
miss you

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