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kangaroo island

for the second week of my holidays i booked a 3 day adventure tour to kangaroo island. one day before i actually would had left thhey called me and told me that the tour was cancelled, because there werent enough people who wanted to take part in... so i decided to do a 2 day to from wednesday till thursday. on we i had to wake up at 4.45 to catch the bus. after a few hour bus ride and a ferry trip we finally arrived at ki at about 12. i didnt know the people taking part in that tour before, but they all were really friendly and we had a good time together. on the ferry i even met a girl which i hadnt see for a few weeks and she told me that she moved to a suburb, really close to the one im lin=vuing in, and so we promised echt other to catch uop soon. on the first day (it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining the whole time) we went sandboarding (thats so much fun!), watched the seals, went swimming at a beautiful bay and looked for penguins at night. for the night we stayed at a lodge which was reaaly nice. we cooked our own pasta (de3licious!!) and sat around the campfire. the next day was the complete opposite of the day before. it wasd just raining the whole time and nobiody really wanted to go out and do anything. however we went to the caves, to adnmirals arch, to the remarkable rocks and watched a pelikan show (which was soo boringh, because the woman just gave them something to eat..). we all got totally wet and i was just frezing the whole time. my rainjacket was unfortunately not waterproof and so i ended up wearing a plastic bag. that was reaaly funny. when we wanted to go back to the ferry they told us that we cant, because the sea was to rough and it would have been to dangerous, so we were stranded at kangaroo island for another night. to make the best of that situation we went to a restaurant and ate pizza (all the others had to share 2 big pizzas and i had my own vegeteriuan one   )and stayed in a hostel. the next day the weather was fortunately a bit better and we coeuld go back. all in all it was a great time, although the rain (they told me it would never rain here...jaja...) was a bit annoying.

hope that i can write a bit more as soon as possible, because there are still heaps of things i want to tell you!

28.4.09 09:17


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