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awesome time :)

on saturday i went with franzi, i know her from the ki tour, to the city to watch the anzac parade. again it was just raining the whole time and not even a hot chocolate could warm us up...when i came home i was totally wet and my shoes felt like i had the whole sea in it...however i thought that i could have a hot shower and a cup of tea as well as dry closes in a few miutes so i didnt really care about that...but when i wanted to open the door i noticed that i didint have the key...fuck...my hostparents werent at home and when i texted my hostmum she just answered that they wont be back before a couple of hours...so what should i do?? i tried to call one of my friends living close to me but then my mobile phone went out of battery....so i tried to finde her house( i didnt know exactly were it was) and fortunately her mum saw me passing the house and asked me what is going on. then she welcomed me to come in and they gave me dry clothes, finally!! i spent there a few hours (during that time  isigned up in facebook, so tell me when yu are in facebook too) but was still freezing. when i went home my hostparents told me that they already came back 30 minutes after i had texted them and that they had sent me a message to tell me that...but my stupid mobilephone was turned off...after that i just felt getting sick and didnt want to go out that night anymore...

another weekend i was alone at a bar and met some nice people there. one of them lives just 5 houses away from me and we didnt know each other before (he is also vebetarian, the first vegetarian boy i know). they offered me a few drinks and aftr the bar closed we went to a house of one of them. we went there in 2 cars and one of the cars got stopped by the police and marc (the driver) had to do an alcohol test. he was already drunken, so they took his liscense and he had to pay 500 dollars... surprisnigly he was still happy after that and just came with a friend to the house were we already stayed a bit later.

ill write more soon, but the library closes now...

2.5.09 04:14


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miri (2.5.09 13:39)
poor marc!! hahaha! crazy aussies :P

(4.5.09 04:54)
yeah, they are really crazy!! and they drink soooo much, thats incredible...

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