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awesome time 2

the last week i always met any friends and we went out together, had barbecue,...

i know a lot of great people here and they always ask me to go out, or invite me for dinner thats why i didnt really sleep all the last nights and now im just totally tired and forgot evrything i wanted to tell you.. sorry!!

yesterday i went to the movies with mick. we watched x-man. i didnt like it...have you already seen it??

i know some boys working at bars and thats pretty cool, because i never have to pay for the drinks

last week school started again, but it was a pretty relaxed week, because i didnt go to every lesson.

maybe i start playing footy at school soon

sorry, i actually really wanted to write more, but  at the moment i cant think about anything...

hope you all are fine!!

4.5.09 04:52


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