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last week, from saturday till thursday ive been to the outback. the tour started really erarly, i got picked up in the city at 6. the busdriver was apparently a bit confused, so it took about 1 hor to pick everybody up and we drove a few ways more than twice.. there was an austrian woman in my group and she was just complaining all the time... but the worst thing was that because she was talking in german, everybody thought that she was german and so i had to explain, that not everybody is like her... at night we arrived at cooper pedy. there we had pizza for dinner and after that we slept underground ( it wasnt really underground like everybody told me, so it was a bit disappointing). by the way cooper opedy is an opal mine. the next day we went to alice springs. there we went to a bar for the night and for the night i stayed at a hostel. the next day a new tour started. i had a really good group, and i liked most of them reallt much and it was fun spending time with them. we went to kings canyon that day and took heaps of photos there we slept somewhere in the bush and had a camping fire which was really good. the next day we went to kata tjuta and to an aboriginal culture centre (unfortunately we didnt have much time to spent there, cause im actually really interested in their culture) after that we went to ayers rock and watched the sun sat. the night we slept again outside in swags and slepingbags, but that night it was really really cold,, even that i wore 2 shirts, 2 jumpers and a jacket on wednesday we went to see to see the sun risae at ayers rock and the rest of the day we spent with driving back to alice springs.

sry, ill get logged off soon, so i better finish now, il write the rest of the story and other great things soon!!

27.5.09 09:28


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miri (27.5.09 10:58)
awesome! :D

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