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soooo much fun

ive just 5 weeks left and i dont wanna go back.... ive got a really good time here and try too spent as much time as possibvle with my friends.

a few weeks ago there was a kind of house party at a friends house. we all got at least a bit tipsy and just laughed all the time, played guitar and drum on playstation,...

ive been to the cinema with some friends (angels and demons) i first thought it would be a phantasyfilm, but it wasnt and it was really good.

i went to the aquatics centre with some friends. we actually wanted to do some exercise, but in the end we just relaxed in the spa

ive been to a concert with some friends.

and i spent most of my time with my boyfriend and it is just sooo much fun!! one day we went to the beach, although it was freezing cold, we went skimmboarding there, jumped in the water, went sandboarding,.... my best going out was a few weeks ago. i was there with my boyfriend and another friend and all his mates and his sister+cousin where there. ive never danced so much. i just couldnt stop and  we all just went crazy!!! unfortunately i cant describe it in words how goo it was, i can just say AWESOME!!!!

i went surfing with my school (which was again soooo cold)

i cooked with a friend, because we both are vegetarian.


i ve just a really really good time

and i hope everybody in germany too!!!

6.6.09 03:36


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bea (27.7.09 13:16)
deeeeeeli, leer mal dein mailfach :ppp

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