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( -/- )
22.3.09 19:05
Hi Deli, just wanted to say hello
hope you have a nice time; it´s a godd idea not to do your abi now ( I hate it) have a nice time and enjoy australia !!!!!!!!!!!!!

( -/- )
16.3.09 17:22
hey Deli,

only 17 weekends left

hope you've a nice time left

luv ya, bibi

( -/- )
7.2.09 03:39
hey to everybody!! i was so happy when i read your entrys! i hope that everybody is well!! unfortunately i cant logg in in my private space... i dont know why...and i cant get acces to my email account...that makes me really angry!! i have so many things that i want to tell you!! therefore im going to write the most important things in here now and as soon as possible i also write emails and a new entry.
the school here is quite easy. i think english lessons in germany are pretty more demanding than these lessons. a few days ago i wrote my first test - it was rediculous, nearly the whole class worked together i take part in three different sport subjects so that i have at least to sport hours every day. i also take part in a soccer specialist program, but i really prefer to play with you miri, janine!
last weekend i was with a friend at a boat trip to see dolphins. and today i will- surprisingly- go to the beach and in the evening go out somewhere. more details will follow as soon as possible!!! i promise!
@miri, yes, ive already seen kangaroos and even fed them. they are soooo cute!!
@nina, great-you go to america!!!! im jealous!
@vicky, i still understand german, unfortunately id even say that i still havent imroved my english much...

( -/- )
6.2.09 19:00
Hey Deli

I miss you ver much! It becomes little boring without you!

Well only 22 Sundays left! I told you I would count!

Jogging at the beach... I've done that on holidays in Mallorca before breakfast! It was a trainingscamp...
It was nice.

Some news from good old Germany we are going to america!!!

Miss you m dear!


( Email )
25.1.09 16:23
Hey Deli!!

I was at Janine's apartment when we read you e-mail. I am soooo happy for you that everything worked out and you made it "Down Under".
The Description of you new "home" sounded amazing!!! I wish I could go jogging at the beach or had a sunburn!!! You just got it made!

Well, I hope your school is gonna be that amazing as well and you sunburn will heal quickly.

Miss you!


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